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The SoulCollage® Registered Trademark

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The word "SoulCollage®" has been trademarked in order to differentiate this process from other collage processes and to provide the training and professional community support that will help sustain the quality and ethics of SoulCollage® work in groups. We ask that people use the phrases SoulCollage® facilitator or SoulCollage® Group only if they have been trained by Seena Frost, author of SoulCollage® or a facilitator trainer approved by SoulCollage® Inc.

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Others may say in their advertising that they will be working in the group "using the process of SoulCollage® as described in Seena B. Frost's book, SoulCollage® . Although this may seem a small distinction, it is important to use the trademark in certain ways that will gradually become recognizable to people as the work spreads. Please also see the SoulCollage® website for additional important guidelines for how to use this work.

Invitation to SoulCollage®

Seena Frost, creator of SoulCollage®, describes the process of making SoulCollage® cards and invites you to try it for yourself. Visit www.soulcollage.com to learn more. SoulCollage® is an amazing process which can help you to "Discover your wisdom. Change your world."