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SoulCollage® Home Groups

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I will bring SoulCollage® to you! If you would like me to facilitate a SoulCollage® group for you, in the comfort of your own home and with your own guests, family, and friends, here are some important things for you to know: Host/hostess receives the group free of charge, plus a thank-you gift for hosting the group.

For groups of 4-6, the host/hostess will receive two free packs of SoulCollage® mat card (each valued at $9.95).

Seena Frost Book Evolving

For groups of 7-10, the host/hostess will receive a free copy of the newest SoulCollage® book, authored by the developer of the technique, Seena Frost. This is a $24.95 value!

Host/hostess is responsible for procuring participants for the group, and must notify me in advance (3 days prior to the scheduled date of the group) of the number of participants. This way I am adequately prepared with supplies. The minimum number of participants allowed in a group is 4, the maximum is 10. Group participants pay $30 a person for a 4-hour SoulCollage® group. Please allow this much time for your group--creating and sharing SoulCollage® cards takes time, and no one will want to feel rushed once they get started! (Trust me on this one.)

I will provide all supplies for the group(except tables and chairs)--including handouts, scissors, glue/gluesticks, mat card, and magazines. If there are special magazines/supplies you would like to use, please feel free to bring or provide them. I will need adequate space in which to facilitate the group. Standard card tables will accommodate 2 participants each, and standard rectangular tables (36" x 72") will accommodate 6. I will need a small area to the side of the tables (approximately 3' x 3') for magazines, and to store supplies. Dining rooms and dens are often good places in which to conduct a SoulCollage® group.

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I can work with a host/hostess to develop a themed SoulCollage group of their preference--examples are seasonal/holiday groups, groups around a life theme or transition, and groups concerning one aspect or component of SoulCollage® (such as the Chakras/Animal Companions).

Although I primarily work with adults, I am open to offering SoulCollage® to children over the age of 8 and to teens. Please let me know if you plan to include young people in your group.swallow

Please provide at least 2 weeks notice to me for the date you desire for scheduling the group. Cancellations require 2 days notice (via phone or e-mail).If this notice is not provided, the host/hostess will be charged a $30 cancellation fee. I can travel within a 30-mile radius of my home in Northeast Baltimore. I am used to driving! I can cover many areas in Baltimore City, and many in Baltimore, Harford, Howard, and Anne Arundel counties. Please contact me at 410-426-9788, or at Roberta, if you are interested in hosting a SoulCollage group in your home!


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Email or call Roberta 410-426-9788